Health Insurance

Health Insurance is important for you and your family if you get sick or injured.   Health insurance can help to pay the bills while you are not working, helping to let life more on.   A great health care plan combines many separate services into one package.   Spotting the differences between each plan can be time consuming and overwhelming.   Mirage Insurance is here to provide you with a clear and affordable quote that you will understand.

General Health Insurance policies can have the following services

Medical Coverage:

Medical insurance helps you pay for health expenses.  It is important to have enough coverage to take care of your needs.  If you are buying coverage on your own you may purchase coverage you do not use

Dental Coverage:

Not only is a smile a great feature, but taking care of your mouth and teeth can help you live a longer and more vibrant life.  Most people don’t know that poor teeth care can lead to heart disease and poor circulation.  The cost of dental repairs can be costly without insurance.

Vision Coverage:

It is important to have eye exams.  When you visit your eye doctor, you are preventing long term diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes.   Most companies do not carry a vision plan themselves.  They typically subcontract out to smaller companies who give discounts at major eye retailers.

Pharmacy (Prescription Drug):

Getting the prescription drugs you and your family members need is important.   paying less for those prescriptions is even more important.  When you or your family get sick the last thing you want to worry about is not being about to afford the medicine it takes to get well.  A prescription drug policy is an important part of a health plan.

Student Insurance:

Students understand….when you are young, live it up!   having insurance to help you along the path of life and discovery is vital.   Having student insurance for travel and out-of-state college attendance will help you and your family rest easily knowing you are safe.

Behavioral Health:

Your mental health is key to a wellbeing.  If you think you are having problems, you are not alone.  Getting help is the first step in feeling better about yourself.  Taking advantage of clinic visits and group therapy can help get you back on the path of happiness.   If you are feeling suicidal, or feel like harming yourself in any manner, please call 911, a relative, or a coworker.

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